Husbands should crack shopping jokes at the right time

The shopping is the time when women do not want to hear anything anyone telling them. Women are overly serious and conscious about their shopping habits.

No one can describe the shopping habits of the women better than the husbands. They are the one carrying shopping bags coming behind their wives in the shopping malls. Obedient husbands are supposed to be patient when it comes to the shopping time of their wives.

We have seen that there are many shopping jokes related to this situation around us. Husband and wife is the favorite topic of the comedians too. They observe that how they are reacting at the shopping time and what comments they pass, this could be really funny if you have noticed.

Many husbands also give the description of their wives’ shopping routines in a very humorous way; most of them are true and relates to the other couples as well. But, husband should be careful while cracking some joke on their wife. This is possible that wife is not in the mood and gets offensive with your joke. Therefore husbands should take care of the timings.

Place also maters when you are saying some joke on your wife. Make sure that you are not saying it at the alone place and there is not anyone really hearing you two because you never know that how your wife is going to react on that joke or what other person would perceive if he overheard you. She could feel insulted too with your abrupt joke. So, it is better to respect her feelings and say the jokes when you two are not surrounded by many people around.

Husband should always tell the shopping jokes about his wife to others in a respectful way.  This will show your love for her and she will not feel like if you are only criticizing her or fed up of her shopping. With your negative jokes, the other person could get an impression if you are sick of going for shopping with your wife. So, it is good if you tell jokes with the positivity and love factor.

Wife can never leave the habit of shopping and it is obligatory for the husband to cope up with this. Jokes and humor are the funny part of life that should be there. Pleasant jokes increase the relationship bond between husband and wife so that side should always be alive. 


Celebrity Jokes – The Most Liked Category

Celebrities are probably the most loved and most famous human beings in this world. Like everyone loves them and talk about them, they also crack jokes on the stupid acts they do. For example, if a celebrity falls from stage or a case of wardrobe malfunction occurs, these loved celebrities become butt of all the jokes.

Celebrity jokesnever fail to get a good laugh. They are a big source of entertainment and crowd laughs very hard. In this digital age where internet has dominated all walks of life, it is very easy get access to Celebrity jokes on internet. There is a wide range of celebrity jokes and funny stories on just one click. You can access them here.

These jokes are generally on the real life incidents or gossips of these celebrities. More famous a celebrity is, more jokes will be cracked. People love to comment on the funny incidents happened with them. Many celebrities are trolled for their looks too. In celebrities, the most jokes about personalities are politicians because they always do blunders in their speeches. Other types include footballers, cricketers and film celebrities too. Film celebrities get lot of attention in media and social media. Even a small blunder gets the attention of media and jokes from all over the world start pouring in.

People love jokes on celebrities because they loved them and they know them very well. Imagining their favorite celebrities in such funny situations make them laugh. Singers and actors are loved by one and all. People love to crack jokes on the get ups of these celebrities. So, I’ll recommend you to read celebrity jokes to get over all the stress. 


Jokes according to the professions

It has been said that those who are in the comedy business should be vigilant all the time. This is somehow true. The comedian has to be aware of their surroundings and observe everything. By observing the surroundings they can actually create some nice jokes.

Comedians usually pick the incidents from daily life and make their jokes from it. It has been seen that such kind of jokes get more popularity than the fake –situation ones. Same as that, when we talk about common life then not to forget that there are many professions around us too and funny things happen everywhere. How could be these professions funny, see here:

-           Doctor-patient: There are several types of patients who come to the doctor and they have different issues. You know that there are patients who usually eat doctor’s brain with their never ending questions. This could be humorous that how doctor satisfies them with their reasons and explanations.

-          Officer- attendant: There are sometimes people in the office who come for their queries and mostly leave the officers drained with their questions. .you can actually see that how do they ask questions and how do the officer responds. Some great funny profession jokes could be picked from this scenario too.

-           Shopkeeper- consumer: We always have people on the shops that ask for several things and buy nothing. Sometimes, it is very funny that how they react to the things that shopkeeper shows them. People takes out mistakes and problems with the things and still shopkeeper has to be patient. You can gather expression of the consumer and shopkeepers from here.

-          Sport player: Sports player have their own jokes when it comes to their profession. They have funny side of their field too. The sport players have funny moments at gym, field or at the training. You can talk to these players and ask them that what happens at the dressing room and which fellow player is funnier.

-          Dancers: The dancing is the profession when people enjoy the most and with the different steps, they experience funny things too. When they practice, there are many funny moments happen. You can ask them or take a look at the practice room for some funny moments.

The best way to gather some profession jokes is by getting into the offices or at their workplaces. You can surely create some great jokes then. 


Essential of Funny One-Liner Jokes

Jokes are one of the easiest devices to trigger your happy hormones and to make you roll into a good laughter. Funny one liner jokes are among the best things in life to make you stay happy and to allow you to escape your worries. When you laugh at your worries and tensions, it reduces their negative impacts. The specialty of one liner jokes is that they have the element of surprise and humor in perfect proportions to end you roll into big laughter instantly.

Humor is a very necessary component of life. It makes life more pleasant. Funny one liners provide you your dose of humor. Their evolution dates back to the history of mankind. However, it is not exactly known when these one liners evolved. They must have originated from the times when man learned to communicate via words. One liners could be based on any funny event or any funny aspect of any situation.

One liners are probably among the jokes that are enjoyed the most by the crowd. This is the reason why most of the comedians make use of these humorous one liners in their acts to make sure the maximum number of laughs from the crowd.  Knowing your one liner in the true sense is very important. You should be fluent with your one liner and its delivery should seem effortless. People are waiting for the surprise aspect in your one liner to blow their minds away with laughter. Therefore, you should never disappoint them. You should be very careful with the delivery in addition to framing the one liners. Control your manner of speech and make sure that you do not rush, as that might make your joke less effective. You should have a confident tone along with a suitable speed to make sure that the crowd grasps your one liner correctly.

One liners are self explanatory and brief. They enable you to get a quick laughter and relax your mind. Writing one liners is not an easy job. You have to make sure that it must contain all the ingredients of good humor while on the other hand you have to stay as brief as you can. They do not exceed more than 10 to 12 words. It is more of a challenge to provide quality comedy while being concise at the same time. But comedians perform this task very impressively and come up with extremely hilarious one liners that make you roll into mad laughter with your stomach aching badly with all the hard laughing.


Laughter - the opposite view of picture

Often we come across to an opinion that laughter is good for getting relief from mental exertion and tensions. Mostly it comes true but this is not all that is about laughter. Overindulgence is ever killing though it is of good things. The situation is same for the comic element in life. It affects almost all aspects of your life such as social, economical, and psychological.  In history, even there are instances of death due to nonstop laughter though it is very rare yet science does not deny it.

While considering social effects, there are two aspects one is about the fun maker and second is about the target person. First, we consider the comedian. No doubt, people love to watch comedy shows but their opinion about comedians is not as good as they appreciate them at shows. Normally they are considered as non-serious persons and are not included in serious matters. People often think them free of difficulties and challenges of life. They are restricted to fun making only and are believed incapable of doing any other task.  On the contrary, the victim of their fun making most of time feels embarrassed rather than laughing, which may lead to serious consequences. If a person regularly faces such attacks and feels embarrassed, then he will prefer to isolate from society.

Excessive laughing can become reason of many serious medical problems. Science has recorded sequence of events occurred by nonstop laughing. It includes from mild to severe incidents such as muscular pains, headache, and dislocation of jaws, and in most severe case, heart rapture that can cause even death. There may be some pathological reason behind nonstop laugh. Some part of brain such as medulla oblongata is responsible for such laughing and it is difficult to control it. Thus, laughing with a control is always recommended.

Regarding economical effect, it has been observed that funny personalities are not considered responsible for important designations most of the times. For their non-serious behavioral appearance, they often suffer hurdles in serious career making. In making fun through personal jokes, people aimed for cracking a joke often undergo psychological problems. They lose their self confidence that affects their working capabilities. Some people become isolated and start avoiding gatherings.  This reduces their social interaction and can lead to melancholic changes. So, whenever you intend to create fun keep dark side also in view to get positive results from fun.

Role of laughter in domestic life


Sometimes a Joke Can Hurt Too

People with humorous intentions and attitude have a jolly personality, which is admired by all. Honestly, no one would like to keep company with boring people, who remain serious all the time. A joke surely is a powerful tool that can make others laugh and even make them feel great about themselves. People are literally so bored of their lives at times that they visit comedy clubs to hear some words out of the best comedians and dine with their friends.

There was a time when my friends and I also used to visit a comedy club every Saturday night to laugh till our tummies hurt. These were the great times. These little moments have become the lovely memories, which we cherish even today.

People might think jokes are loved by all but how we can forget that there is a dark side of everything. Usually most of the jokes told and said on regular basis have good intentions. They help to make us laugh and forget about the bad day or bad life we have for a while. There are such jokes too that can inspire hate and even prejudice. These are some jokes, which are targeted to a certain group of people. Such jokes may include gay jokes, blonde jokes, and black jokes. Although you might not have a bad intension but if there is someone around, who you think can take the joke seriously might mind. Such jokes are rampant in the today’s modern society and they can be harmful, as they can destroy harmony. Instead of making people happy, you can sow a seed of hatred with the words you say. 

Telling jokes is a part of the routine but such jokes that target a certain race can be bad. Sometimes we are not able to understand the joke and we think it is funny but it can be a prejudice joke. “What should be done if your dishwasher stops working? You would probably hit her?” Men would find this joke funny but if this joke is said in front some female, it might fuel a prejudice belief, as no female would find this funny at all. Sexiest humor is also not tolerable. Such a humor can be used as a weapon rather than a source of joy. Therefore, when you crack some joke, you know what it means and be sure it does not hurt anyone.



Jokes are one of the greatest ways to make people laugh. People always admire and adore those, who are funny and possess a good sense of humor. As we know that it is only humans, who have the ability to laugh and to make people laugh. There are many reasons behind the fact that why people laugh at jokes. One of the reasons is that people are pleased to think that they are better than others are. A person is mostly being mocked or criticized, which makes other people feel that they are superior to others or they are better than others are.

People get surprised, astounded and laugh either because of embarrassment or of pleasure when someone come up with some of the most unexpected and funny punch lines. They are thrilled on the punch lines. If the punch lines are expected one then people do not laugh at them. Instead, they feel bored because they find nothing thrilling about such jokes. There are some chemicals called endorphins released in the brain when they hear some unexpected punch line that gets them rolling into laughter.  These chemicals make them feel good and relaxed.  

It is very interesting to know that jokes consist of two parts mostly. One part comprises of the introduction and the other is the crux of the problem or issue under consideration. It is the second part of the joke, which is mostly funny and hilarious. It is the punch line, which makes people laugh. Undoubtedly, they formed a basic type of entertainment and amusement, which is very popular around the world. They are cracked and listened in all languages and by people of different races, color, creed, religion, etc. Comedy, laughter, and humor have no boundariesand spread love and happiness. There are many websites, which also offer a wide range of funny videos and eBooks to get you the dose of fun and entertainment. These sites offer different humorous topics including marriage, romance, office routines, and events around us.

It is always good to relax and enjoy life by finding funny aspects in everything around us. Staying happy and making people happy around you is in itself a very satisfying and contented feeling. Comedy is a medium that helps us to create bonds among people and generates good feelings. It helps us to combat negative feelings and to fight against depression and stress.  


Be Funny With Tall Jokes

Jokes should be a part of one’s life because whether you believe it or not, it’s going to be great therapy. It can mend the bond and release tensions between two people whether they are loved ones, friends, or co-workers. So, if you are simple and boring, nobody will enjoy your company or will even like to talk to you.

Don’t you agree to this fact that such people seem to have an attractive personality, who can make humor a part of their life? Such people seem more welcoming and open hearted than those, who don’t crack any joke at all. It is not that you have to remember jokes but saying some funny lines that can bring smile on someone’s face will be enough. However, the timings of saying funny lines also matters a lot. It is probably a nice thing to make someone smile when they are emotional or under some stress.

There are various categories of jokes and each joke category would look good at its own situation and timing. Humor among friends is common. It is not good to make fun of someone, who has short height but cracking jokes on a tall person can be funny. Tall jokes can be really entertaining. Tall people mostly have a higher self-esteem and they are sometimes over confident. So, it would not too harmful to break their ego and have some fun by cracking funny lines and even jokes.

Tall people must learn to live with the routine of hearing jokes on their height. These jokes are better to be targeted towards taller males. They have a higher level of confidence, which can allow them to deal with this joking scenario.  Taller women also hear ridicule over their height of and on. Some of them have strength to deal with such jokes but some do not have.

The idea is not to get offensive or not to hurt anyone’s feelings. We have a tall friend and he does not mind when we crack jokes on his height. In fact, he has a dairy where he writes those jokes and funny lines that we pass on his height. He is quite handsome along with being tall so he does not find our jokes offensive. After all, he knows we mean no harm, it’s just a practice to have a great laugh while eating and socializing together. Tall jokes can be found everywhere on the internet now and you don’t have to purchase a book for it.


Cracking Good Jokes at Office

Mark Twain said it right, “Human race has just one affective weapon and it’s laughter.” Removing frowns from someone’s head and bringing a smile on their face is the best thing you can do for anyone. Jokes should be a part of life. We all have to go through bad times in life and if during the bad times, someone can make you smile through his jokes and humor then nothing can better than that.

It’s great to attack someone with joke at the office when he is frowned or stressed with piles of work load. However, you must target them with the right weapons of jokes. It is not obvious that you would experience laughter every time a joke is cracked. That is maybe because the joke was not crude enough to make you laugh. However, there are such jokes too that are too much crude and can be offending. On the other hand, there are also clean jokes, which are less crude.

Clean jokes are better to be memorized, as you can share them with anyone without the fear that you can offend them. These are the jokes with which you can put smile on the faces of others. Well, I like sharing jokes in my office with my friends and co-workers. I have learned that these jokes can break the ice between two people and can mend the bond too. Each time I find a humorous joke or saying, I email it to my co-workers and then we watch each other laughing. It appears as if we are making fun of someone but honestly, we just enjoy the jokes. It is a sort of teasing to one of our co-workers, who has a cabin next to mine. He always gets curious on such things. But none of us get much offended at office or even when we co-workers are hanging out. I just belief that it is the best way to forget the stress

You can search on the internet for good jokes to share with your friends now. Chuck Norris jokes are one of my favorites. I love his sense of humor. Many books on jokes and even comedy shows can make you learn jokes. You can watch this comedy shows at home too, it’s not necessary that you attend some live show. It surely is a great way to learn humor.